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Privacy Policy

We collect data of people or clients only from contact pages internally. People who drop their information like name , address , email, phone on contact form are directly saved within our system.

  • We use cookies information from google analytics 4, linkedin, google ads & google tag manager for data collection externally.

  • We don’t sell the people information with third party without consent of our user and clients.

  • We also use facebook and google ads alongside linkedin ads to collect leads while running lead campaign. All the information like phone, email, name, address etc are again save in our system.

  • People cant opt out of not sharing information with us without any hassle just by going into linkedin, facebook and google ads and come up with their own consent.

  • We use first party data of customer to use or while running personalised advertising campaign and is not shared or sold with any party outside.

  • We use tags and pixel to collect information of people from online sources.

  • We don’t track any sorts of ip address of people living in their locations.

  • We do use and collect devices information of people while targetog ads for interest segments or device targeting.

  • We do collect information like purchase data, add to cart data, checkout initiated data etc. along with page views metrucs.